Account Takeover Protection

Account takeover fraud occurs when a fraudster exploits a victim’s personal information to take control of an existing account or establish a new account, and uses that account to carry out unauthorized transactions. This type of fraud is a growing online threat for merchants.

CyberSource Account Takeover Protection defends consumers and merchants from fraudulent uses of online accounts. It helps identify high risk users at account creation and login, and monitors for suspicious account changes.

With Account Takeover Protection, you can keep your customer accounts safe and protect against fraudulent card-on-file payments, while streamlining access for authenticated customers.


  • Monitor for suspicious activity at account creation, login and account updates
  • Risk insights from customer behavior and device attributes
  • Flexible rules engine customized by merchant
  • Real-time decisions to accept, reject, or challenge the user action
  • Integrated with Decision Manager case management
  • Support web and mobile devices, with SDKS for implementation in mobile apps


CyberSource Account Takeover Protection helps you:

  • Protect online accounts from unauthorized use
  • Streamline access for valuable returning customers
  • Avoid chargebacks by averting fraud attempts before they take place
  • Preserve customer trust and loyalty with a secure online environment

Implementation Guides

Decision Manager Account Takeover Protection Service Login