Decision Manager Replay

An industry first, Decision Manager Replay lets you confidently
quantify fraud strategies in real time prior to activating in the live
production environment. You can now quickly test various ‘what-if’ rules
profiles against your own historical data rather than wait months to understand
the impact of any fraud changes. Decision Manager Replay produces real-time
insights into likely changes to the transaction disposition and fraud rates
before you push rule changes live. 


  • Allows testing of different fraud strategies in real time against past
  • Provides summary and detailed reports articulating the impact of each rule
  • Includes insights on orders accepted, rejected and sent to manual review
  • Supports twelve months of transaction history for analysis
  • Enables design of completely new rules and profiles


  • Gain faster insight for fraud rule tuning with real time analysis showing the
    likely business outcomes of your fraud management strategy
  • Test multiple fraud strategies so you can choose the optimal one
  • Capture more good orders by evaluating rejected orders to ensure good
    customer orders are not being rejected
  • Plan for peak season ahead of time so you can adjust review volume to match capacity
  • Understand business impact of fraud strategies when launching a new line or entering new markets
  • Build completely new fraud strategies and test prior to putting in production

Implementation Guides

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