Fraud Alert

Traditionally, online merchants receive chargeback notices four to six weeks after the purchase transaction. This is usually too late to take action to prevent fraud chargebacks. With CyberSource Fraud Alert, you receive notifications in near real time—as soon as fraud is confirmed by the issuing bank.


  • Receive email notifications in near real time as soon as issuing bank
    confirms fraud
  • Control features of alerts received
  • Produce monthly performance reports
  • Set up multiple users to receive notifications
  • Implement as a stand-alone service, usually in less than 48 hours


  • Save cost of goods and fulfillment costs by stopping fulfillment of
    fraudulent orders
  • Reduce chargebacks by cancelling and refunding known fraudulent
  • Update fraud systems more quickly to improve future fraud detection
  • Add on easily to current CyberSource services

Implementation Guides

Getting Started with Fraud Alert

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