Loyalty Fraud Management

CyberSource fraud management can help you provide a more secure online environment for loyalty program customers. Guard against fraud throughout the loyalty lifecycle, including purchase and redemption of points as well as account creation, login and account updates.

Our loyalty fraud management solution combines advanced analytical algorithms, customizable rules, data from approximately 68B transactions, and global expertise to optimize the accuracy of your fraud screening. With experience protecting loyalty points and miles as a currency, CyberSource can help you reduce risk in your loyalty program.


  • Over 260 validation tests including device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and
    other flags
  • More than 10 predictive risk models by region and industry, including travel
  • Flexible rules engine and rules-based transaction score development
  • Insights from approximately 68B transactions that Visa and CyberSource
    process annually
  • Monitors for suspicious activity at account creation, login and account
  • Central user interface for both loyalty and traditional payment transactions


CyberSource Fraud Management for Loyalty Programs helps you:

  • Avoid fraud as your loyalty program grows
  • Recognize genuine purchases and redemptions of points or miles
  • Protect your relationship with your best customers
  • Gain insights to counter fraud globally
  • Reduce the complexity of fraud management

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