Rules Suggestion Engine

CyberSource Rules Suggestion Engine uses the outputs of CyberSource
Decision Manager’s advanced machine learning models as inputs into the rule creation process. Rules Suggestion Engine draws on your unique transaction data to automatically present recommended rules that can augment your existing fraud strategies. Each rule is accompanied with appropriate metrics to help you measure its performance against the selected transaction data.


  • Draws from unique transaction data to automatically generate recommended
    fraud rules
  • Provides metrics with each suggested rule to help you measure performance
  • Enables you to test effectiveness of proposed rules against historical data
    before implementing using Decision Manager Replay


  • Automatically generate fraud rules with very little effort
  • Access new suggested rules that you would not have previously identified
  • Continually adjust your fraud strategy based on historical data
  • Test suggested rules with Decision Manager
  • Replay prior to implementing them live
  • Prepare for peak seasons by evaluating recommended rules

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