Alternative Payments Suite

The CyberSource Alternative Payments Suite enables you to simplify the acceptance and management of direct debits, online bank transfers and other non-card payments that help you acquire and convert consumers in multiple countries. This advanced tool set reduces the complexity usually associated with alternative payments so that you can focus on growing global revenues.


  • Single API and standardized integration across payment types so you can
    add new payment methods with only minor code changes 
  • Single reconciliation report for both card and non-card transactions
  • Single financial settlement services contract
  • Intelligent payment type presentment via the Sessions API allows you to
    send transaction information before the consumer reaches the checkout page – meaning payment options that fail pre-authorization, are never presented to the consumer
  • Ability to send refunds through the original payment method, as well as alternative refund methods where the original method does not support refunds


  • Improve user experience and increase conversions by offering familiar local payment types
  • Convert more cross-border customers by accepting non-card payments
    popular in other countries
  • Accelerate support for alternative payment types by using a highly efficient, developer-friendly tool set
  • Reduce the maintenance burden on your IT organization as CyberSource maintains PSP integration version updates and maps changes to the existing

Implementation Guides