Payment Processing

Accept card and alternate payments across all sales channels—mobile, web,
point-of-sale, and call center—domestically and across the world using just one
connection. The CSC gateway connects to approximately 100 acquirers
and processors in over 190 countries and territories so you can process digital
payments anytime, anywhere, in multiple currencies. Services may vary by
country, payment recipient and by acquiring bank.

Cross-Channel Payments

  • Accept payments across mobile, web, point-of-sale, and call center channels
  • Facilitate cross-channel purchases and back-end integrations
  • Enable a common view of customer activity across channels

Gateway & Processing Connections

  • Connect to approximately 100 processors across the globe
  • Change processor connections with minimal impact
  • Use prebuilt integrations to connect commerce platforms and back-end systems    (ERP, OMS, etc.)

Payment Cards

  • Accept a wide range of universal and regional cards in over 190 countries
  • Experience high-speedprocessing speed and reliability
  • Add more card types easily

Mobile Payments

  • Accept popular online digital payments (aka eWallets)
  • Reduce checkout friction and banking restrictions
  • Increased payment options through accepted mobile ewallets in various countries
  • Accept mobile digital payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay®
  • Increase speed to pay for your transactions. Instant pay options available.

Alternative Payments Suite

  • Accept alternative payments across the globe
  • Reduce payment burdens with streamlined integration and maintenance
  • Make financial reconciliation and settlement contracting and transactions simpler

Reconciliation Reports

  • Easily and accurately reconcile payment activity with transactional statements
  • Consolidate reporting across processors, payment types and channels
  • Produce reports in multiple formats and frequencies at your request.

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

  • One connection to 3D Secure.
  • Includes Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, SafeKey, J/Secure programs
  • Limited chargeback liability on qualifying transactions
  • Access your data via recognised and authorised personel.

Tax Resolutions

  • Help ensure fast and accurate tax calculation, within the country and across the
  • Calculate a wide range of taxes including local levies and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Avoid the need to manage an additional service. Optional services available

Recurring Billing

  • Automate your recurring and subscription revenue streams
  • Configure payment schedules & communications for your business and trabsactions
  • Integrate with services like CSC Tokenization to keep payment data out of
    your environment

Account Updater

  • Keep vital payment information current
  • Reduce risk of failed transactions and service termination through updates
  • Avoid unnecessary interactions on payment-related issues

CSC Payouts

  • Simplifies and expedites payments to third parties, such as private organisations.
  • Disburse funds directly to eligible Visa or Mastercard accounts
  • Low effort business operations process compared to issuing checks
  • Fast reconciliation