Token Management Service

CyberSource Token Management Service replaces sensitive payment data in your environment with a unique identifier or token that cannot be mathematically reversed, enabling you to run payment operations without handling raw payment data. The actual payment data is securely stored in Visa data centers.

Today, the role of payment tokenization extends beyond security. In addition to protecting stored payment data, CyberSource Token Management Service helps you deliver improved customer experiences such as frictionless checkout, omni-channel initiatives, and loyalty programs.  This solution is also designed to reduce complexity for IT managers and help businesses address the increased requirements of tokenization in the digital economy with agility.    


  • Profile-based token management for full control over configuration options
  • Support for:
    • Payment network tokens
    • Private label and gift cards
    • Non-card payment methods, such as eCheck and direct debit
    • Additional customer data fields and multiple token formats
  • Creation, retrieval, update, and deletion of tokens in bulk
  • 1-to-1 primary account number (PAN)–to-token match
  • Token lifecycle management for placing tokens on hold, setting them to expire, and so on
  • Reporting of tokens created, updated, deleted, and so on, within specific date ranges
  • Available via RESTful API


  • Enhances payment security, reduces PCI DSS scope
  • Reduces token management complexity by standardising tokens across
    channels, payment types, providers
  • Supports omni-channel initiatives
  • Powers customer analytics, marketing programs
  • Facilitates payment operations agility: acquirer agnostic, easy access/recovery
    of customer data, simplified extension of security protocols to new channels, payment types

Implementation Guides

Token Management Service Using the Simple Order API
Token Management Service Using the SCMP API