Secure Acceptance: Flexible Token and Checkout Flow

CyberSource Secure Acceptance solutions let you accept eCommerce payments securely, without the risks involved in handling payment data. At the same time, these solutions enable you to deliver seamless payment experiences to consumers.

Secure Acceptance Checkout is a secure hosted checkout experience that collects data directly from your customers and processes their payments. It is a simple way to begin transacting quickly with built-in support for payer authentication, Decision Manager, and tokenization. Integration options include a client-side web API and a hosted option that supports redirection and iframe.

Secure Acceptance Flexible Token enables you to securely exchange the card number for a token on the checkout page. Available in hosted and API versions, Flexible Token enables you to implement the highest level of security while retaining full control of the user experience.


  • Support major credit card payer authentication solutions and multiple payment methods
  • Accommodate a full range of customer devices
  • Customize the design to create a consistent experience with your website or
  • Avoid handling or storing sensitive customer data
  • Accelerate deployment across the globe with checkout templates in 28
    languages for more than 40 countries (Checkout Flow)


  • Deliver a seamless payment experience for customers
  • Reduce Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) scope and potentially qualify for self-assessment questionnaires
  • Fully control the user experience (Flexible Token)
  • Enhance eCommerce security quickly and easily (Checkout Flow)

Implementation Guides

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