Bordeless banking & Cross-Channel Payments

Are you tired of incessant monitoring, unending taxes on payments, wire transfer levies, 72- hour wire transfer experiences? Are you seeking ways to reduce checkout friction, manage payments across channels and gain control of your financial privacy? CSC can help you deliver…

SEAMLESS checkout across channels and devices

  • One connection lets you accept payments across multiple channels – web,    mobile, call center and mobile point-of-sale
  • Reduce checkout friction by eliminating forms and accepting online and
    mobile digital payments
  • Increase speed to pay for your repeat customers by securely storing their tokenized payment credentials and automatically updating accounts

SAFER transactions for you and your customers

  • CyberSource Secure Acceptance technologies (hosted forms for
    e/mCommerce, and encryption at card reader head and EMV for customer-     present channels) and merchant payment Tokenization services keep              sensitive payment data off your systems during acceptance, transmission            and storage.
  • A common fraud system supports unique strategies for each of your sales       channels, allowing you to accurately manage fraud across channels, and
    thereby helping you to safely accept more mobile payments

CENTRALIZED view of customer activity:

  • Support for all channels on a single payment platform means you can quickly transact add-on sales, offer refunds and answer customer queries for           payments made in any channel
  • A universal token and central database of transactions, supporting all
    channels, provides a consolidated view of customer activity that can be     leveraged for customer analysis and marketing activities