Optimizing Fraud Management

Fraud management requires continual balancing between maximizing revenue, minimizing fraud loss and reducing operational costs. Built on intelligence from more than 68 billion transactions that Visa and CyberSource process annually worldwide and proprietary machine learning methods, along with a flexible rule engine, CyberSource’s fraud management solution can help you pinpoint fraud faster, more accurately and with less manual intervention.


Detect fraud with greater accuracy and automation, both across all of your global channels

  • Offers customizable, business-specific fraud rules, along with proprietary
    machine learning algorithms, that underpin every order decision
  • Results based on more than 68 billion transactions worldwide that Visa and CyberSource process annually
  • Comes with 14 risk models tailored by region, channel and industry that help support global expansion and mobile commerce growth
  • Helps reduce fraud rate and lower manual review

Protect the customer experience and streamline acceptance of good orders

  • More accuracy lowers false positives and increases order acceptance from
    genuine customers
  • Minimizes order rejection while still screening out fraudulent orders

Improve the efficiency of your fraud management processes

  • Provides one comprehensive platform to detect and manage fraud, along with access to CyberSource payment services via a single API and common web
  • Includes a flexible rules engine that can be quickly customized via a web
  • Streamlines the order review process and helps limit the need for manual
  • Scales as your business grows through combination of automation, machine learning and rule configuration